Walking the Space is a podcast that features discussions on physical disabilities in Canadian theatre. It was developed in 2016 by Yousef Kadoura, an actor who is also a right leg amputee. Identifying as an artist with a physical disability, Yousef wanted to reach out to other artists in the Canadian theatre landscape that also share a physical disability. Through conversations with these other artists, Walking the Space hopes to open a conversation about Canadian theatre and its relationship to its artists who live with a physical disability. Funded by the National Theatre School of Canada's Theatre Engaging Communities grant, Walking the Space is a collective that features Yousef Kadoura as its host, Chelsea Woolley as its head writer, Crystal Chettiar as its sound engineer, and Justin Shaw as its graphic designer. Together, the Walking the Space team is excited facilitate and instigate discussions on this very important subject.
Series Creator Yousef Kadoura
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